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The Cybersecurity Association of Maryland, Inc. (CAMI) is proud to announce the Regional Award nominees for the 2018 Maryland Cybersecurity Awards Celebration. Update: check out our complete list of finalists hereWe hope you will join us on March 21 to celebrate the best and brightest of the Maryland cybersecurity community. Tickets are available now through March 13. Register here.

Please note: we received a number of incomplete and/or ineligible submissions for the Maryland Cybersecurity Awards. If you do not see your nomination listed, this is because your nomination submission was either not complete, or your nominee was not eligible for the award. For more information about the submission criteria for the Maryland Cybersecurity Awards, click here.

Regional Awards

Nominees for Signature Awards categories are automatically be entered into the judging for the Regional Award for their respective participating county. The sponsor for each Regional award will create its own judging team, establish its own judging process and select its category winner to be announced at the Awards Celebration.  Winners will be announced at the Maryland Cybersecurity Awards Celebration on March 21, 2018. See the list of nominees below.
Note: not all counties will be presenting awards as there may be no nominees in some counties or no sponsor to host and manage the award for some counties.

Best of Anne Arundel County -Sponsored by Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation
*nominees are listed in alphabetical order

  • Bridges
  • Cyber Crucible
  • Dragos
  • Glacier Security
  • Marcelle Lee, Co-Founder & CEO, Fractal Security Group, LLC
  • SecuLore Solutions
  • SixGen
  • South River Technologies

Best of Baltimore County – Sponsored by Baltimore County Department of Economic & Workforce Development
*nominees are listed alphabetically

  • [email protected]
  • Community College of Baltimore County – Cybesecurity Institute
  • Dunbar
  • OnSystem Logic
  • PSA Insurance & Financial Services
  • Syncopated Engineering
  • TranZed Apprenticeships

Best of Baltimore City – Sponsored by Greater Baltimore Committee
*nominees are listed alphabetically

  • Ellen Hemmerly, Executive Director, [email protected]
  • Loki Labs
  • Sally Kenyon Grant, Vice President, Point3 Security
  • Terbium Labs
  • Zavda Technologies
  • ZeroFOX

Best of Frederick County Award – Sponsored by Frederick County Office of Economic Development
*nominees are listed alphabetically

  • e-End
  • Orases
  • Patriot Technologies
  • Yakabod Ventures

Best of Howard County Award – Sponsored by Howard County Chamber of Commerce
*nominees are listed alphabetically

  • Anchor Technologies
  • Blackpoint Cyber
  • Creatrix
  • The CyberWire
  • DataTribe
  • Edwards Performance Solutions
  • Enveil
  • Global Learning Systems
  • RackTop Systems

Best of Montgomery County Award – Sponsored by Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation
*nominees are listed alphabetically

  • Cryptonite, LLC
  • KoolSpan
  • Leslie Anderson, Innovation & Industry Engagement Manager, MITRE Corporation
  • QI Express
  • TSC Advantage
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