PSA Financial

With Cyber Insurance as the cornerstone, PSA is your partner in enterprise risk resiliency.

Today’s environment requires a dynamic approach to security that includes people, process and technology – where insurance serves as a backstop. At PSA our goal is to provide more than a policy by partnering with our clients to help enable the cyber risk resiliency planning process. Our unique approach incorporates cyber risk review elements, industry validated tools to help place a value on cyber risk and streamlines collaboration with cybersecurity industry experts.  We do this through our unique “Enterprise Risk Resiliency Loop” (ERRL) process that includes:

  • Snapshot – Initial review of your cyber exposures using the PSA developed cyber insurance application.
  • Plan – Going beyond your cyber insurance policy we partner with you to help review your cyber risk and work towards a dynamic cyber risk resiliency strategy. Part of our strategy includes leveraging industry validated tools to place a value on your unique cyber risk, help inform insurance limits and prioritize cybersecurity mitigation strategies.
  • Collaborate – In order to help accelerate the implementation of cybersecurity strategies, PSA coordinates an Enterprise Risk Resiliency Panel of trusted cybersecurity technology and service providers. This allows us to connect you with cybersecurity technology and service providers with domain knowledge and technical capabilities to help address your unique cybersecurity assessment, control, response and recovery needs.

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