Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, L.L.P.

Call the cyber lawyers who know a SOC isn’t something you lost in the laundry.

Any organization that collects, stores, transmits or accesses personally identifiable information or other confidential information is subject to an ever-growing and complex web of state, federal and foreign laws, regulatory schemes and industry standards.   Data and privacy compliance may require businesses to meet standards set forth in a host of contracts with customers, members, vendors and others.

Whiteford Taylor & Preston understands how today’s cyber threats impact organizational decision-making, including with regard to compliance, regulations, brand reputation and or business continuity. We know the technology and the law of cybersecurity, data privacy, e-commerce and cyber insurance.

We represent companies that are actually in the cybersecurity industry, developing and selling tools to protect others from breaches, as well as the huge range of companies – in all industries – that will be liable if they don’t protect the data they collect.

Our cybersecurity and privacy lawyers guide clients in compliance with laws and in meeting contractual obligations.  In the event of a breach, they walk clients through all facets of the crisis, including:

  • Assisting with internal and external forensic investigations;
  • Communicating with law enforcement;
  • Determining the extent of any required notices to government authorities, affected people and others;
  • Ensuring that notices and other actions comply with applicable laws;
  • Mitigating the harm done;
  • Managing the damage to reputation; and
  • Defending against regulatory penalties and lawsuits.

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