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Fraunhofer Center Establishes Cyber Penetration Lab for Medical Devices | Press Release

Applied Research Firm Aims to Strengthen Cyber Security of Critical Devices Vulnerable to Hacking College Park, May 15, 2017: With the growing concern focused on cyber threats to the security of IT systems and platforms around the world, the Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering (CESE) is building a cyber-penetration lab to assist the medical […]

Cybersecurity Risk Management Recommendations for Manufacturing

Manufacturing businesses are behind the curve in updating their IT security, and hackers know it. According to industry reports, cyber threats against manufacturers are at unprecedented levels, second only to healthcare and it’s not just hackers that present potential cyber threats. A former or current employee with a grudge can wipe out your assets in […]

Announcing The Finalists for the 2017 Maryland Cybersecurity Awards

The Cybersecurity Association of Maryland, Inc. (CAMI) is proud to announce the finalists for the 2017 Maryland Cybersecurity Awards Competition. Finalists in the 6 primary awards categories are listed below. Winners will be announced at the Awards Celebration on March 22nd from 5:30-8 p.m. at the Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore.  Purchase tickets here.

Mitigating Insider Threats In Cloud Environments

One of the most difficult cybersecurity threats to prevent is that posed by the insider. No amount of firewalls or penetration tests can stop someone with access to sensitive corporate information from sharing documents, installing malware, or simply abusing access privileges and leaking information. Traditionally, these threats have been rooted at the physical access or […]

Introducing the 2017 Maryland Cybersecurity Awards Nominees

The Cybersecurity Association of Maryland, Inc. (CAMI) is proud to announce the nominees for the 2017 Maryland Cybersecurity Awards Celebration. Update: check out our complete list of finalists here.

Cybersecurity: The New Cost of Doing Business

In today's networked climate, cybersecurity is just as much a cost of doing business as insurance, accounting, taxes, etc.

Local Cyber Startup Gears Up for Commercialization | Baltimore Business Journal Article

We at CAMI were very excited when our own directory company, Efflux Systems, was named the Grand Prize Winner for Maryland Cyber Day. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones. Check out the Baltimore Business Journal’s new article profiling Efflux Systems, and learn how this two-year-old company is making moves to become the next big thing […]

Reflections on Maryland Cyber Day 2016

Last week, our organization hosted the inaugural Maryland Cyber Day (MCD) in conjunction with the Chesapeake Regional Tech Council and Startup Maryland. Wow, what a day! Over 150 cybersecurity innovators, service providers, professionals, investors, and commercial and government buyers joined us at the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) in Rockville, MD, and even more […]

Maryland Cyber Day 2016 Photo Gallery

Tenable Chairman of the Board Ron Gula with Cybersecurity Association of Maryland Executive Director Stacey Smith Rick Kohr at Maryland Cyber Day 2016 at NCCOE Rick Kohr at Maryland Cyber Day 2016 Stacey Smith and Rick Kohr Stacey Smith and Rick Kohr Donna Dodson of NIST and NCCOE at Maryland Cyber Day 2016 Donna Dodson […]

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