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7 Ways to Identify Darknet Cybersecurity Risks

Originally published on 6 Aug 2018 by SecurityIntelligence   The dark component of the deep web is the primary highway for the exchange and commerce among cybercriminal groups. In fact, very few cybercriminals work alone. Eighty percent of cybercrime is linked to criminal collectives, and stolen data-shaped goods surface rapidly on darknet forums and marketplaces following cybersecurity incidents […]

Mental health is new focus at premier cybersecurity conference

Originally published 7 August 2018 on AXIOS   LAS VEGAS — At this week’s Black Hat cybersecurity conference, panels about hacking automobiles and airplane WiFi are being interspersed with a new focus: mental health.   Why it matters: Issues like anxiety and depression aren’t new in the cybersecurity field, and stress is rampant: pros work long […]

3 Steps For Putting the Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity Strategy to Work

Originally Published on July 30, 2018 by FCW   A few weeks ago, the Department of Homeland Security released its cybersecurity strategy for the next five years, which lays out seven goals to help the government better defend itself against the constant onslaught of sophisticated cyber threats. These goals include assessing evolving cybersecurity risks, protecting critical infrastructure, […]

Guide for SMBs – Choosing the Best Managed Security Service Provider

Originally posted by Loki Labs on July 25, 2018     If you’re a small company searching for assistance in securing your business, congratulations. While a large percentage of cyber attacks were directed at small businesses in the last few years[1,2,3], many of these organizations still don’t take cyber threats seriously and the cost of […]

Detecting and Mitigating Unlikely Cyber Attack Vectors 

Written by Jaeda Bostock for   The connected world has given rise to new kinds of threats. Last year, major corporations were hit with cyber breaches that cost them valuable data, time, and their reputations. This just goes to show how important it is for modern companies to learn about potential threats, as well as […]

The Cybersecurity 202: Maryland ballot snafu offers lessons in how to respond to an election hack

Originally published by The Washington Post on 26 June 2018   Maryland may be getting a dry run in how to respond to an election cyberattack. State officials say a computer glitch prevented the Board of Elections from updating voter registration data for as many as 80,000 voters. As a result, droves of people will have […]

Columbia innovation center will work with Cyber Command on new technology

The Maryland Innovation and Security Institute is partnering with U.S. Cyber Command on DreamPort.   Originally posted by on June 19, 2018   A Baltimore-based nonprofit is working with U.S. Cyber Command to bring business, government and academic leaders together to work on new technology. The Maryland Innovation and Security Institute (MISI) recently received a five-year partner contract from […]

The Human Factor In Cybersecurity: Turning A Threat Into A Resource

Originally posted by Forbes 30 May 2018 POST WRITTEN BY   John Giordani , Forbes Councils Shutterstock In the last decade, there has been a change in the quantity and type of cyberattacks that we face as a society, especially with regard to zero-day attacks. A zero-day attack is an attack that exploits an unresolved vulnerability. The exposure window […]

Phishing and Ransomware: A Deadly Combination

By Brent Whitfield, CEO of DCG Technical Solutions Inc.  Research emerging from Germany has revealed a potential vulnerability in Cybersecurity defenses. This is not so much a technical weak spot as a social one because it involves human factors such as curiosity and trust.

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