The overarching goal of the Cybersecurity Talent Catalyst Program (CTCP) is to build a tested and replicable model for accelerating the cybersecurity workforce pipeline by upskilling incumbent workers and training cybersecurity trainees with in-demand skills. Centered around the holistic hiring needs of cybersecurity companies, the training modules fit the needs of incumbent employees and the cybersecurity trainees. This approach accelerates the speed at which entry- and mid-level professionals are ready to advance, and trains the next cohort of entry-level professionals to fill the resulting vacancies with in-demand skills and work-based learning experience.

We are recruiting Howard County employers to join the Cybersecurity Talent Catalyst Program, a Department of Labor-funded Strategic Industry Partnership. Other members of the Partnership include the Columbia Workforce Center and Howard Community College, the Partnership's training provider. 
  • Participating employers receive funds for: 
    • Courses in IT operations, network security, cybersecurity foundations, cloud security, project management and leadership for employees and trainees (up to $10K)
    • Stipends for work-based learning trainees ($1K/each for two trainees)
  • There is no fee to participate in the program. Participating employees don't need established work-based learning experiences (interns, apprentices, etc.), but should be ready to build these programs with support through the grant. 
Email Tasha Cornish, [email protected], to join the Strategic Industry Partnership or learn more.