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Protect yourself against phishing and email-based attacks with Inky Phish Fence.

It acts like a cybersecurity expert standing guard, inspecting your email. When you read an email, a side panel will instantly display Inky’s analysis of the message. Prominent warnings alert you to suspicious email, with specific details about what is misleading, dangerous, or potentially fraudulent about the email. This trains you to be aware of email threats. Inky Phish Fence instantly uses content-based checks, known threat database checks, and cryptographic checks to look for basic to highly sophisticated phishing attempts.

Inky Phish Fence:

• Installs in minutes to an entire organization.

• Uses sophisticated machine learning to catch zero-day phishing scams other solutions miss.

• Goes beyond standard DKIM/SPF/DMARC by displaying a visible sender entity profile with related reputation information.

• Identifies domain and brand forgery attempts.

• Leverages threat information in real time, when each message is viewed, unlike fire-and-forget gateway products.

• Inky runs within Chrome, so it doesn’t interfere with mail delivery — emails are never lost or quarantined where users can’t easily access them.

• Combines multiple global databases in real time, including Phish Tank and Google Safe Browsing. Contact us about protecting your work with Inky Phish Fence.


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