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Cyber Security Analysis, Forensic Analysis and Malware Reverse Engineering, incident response


Antietam Technologies Inc. (Antietam) is a growing information assurance and cyber security (IA) service firm headquartered in Frederick, Maryland USA. Antietam is a service disabled veteran owned small business(SDVOSB), that is strongly committed to the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Energy (DOE),civilian and state government agency customers, and the communities in which we grow. Antietam is a proven leader in knowledge, experience, and resources to successfully monitor, analyze and respond to information security, assurance and risk management problems across Federal and commercial clients.

Antietam’s management and professional services staff are equipped with industry-specific certifications and security clearances to protect and defend our client’s and nation’s core network and operational infrastructures against constant national and international cyber security threats 24x7x365.

Antietam Values

Antietam offers over twenty-plus years of combined leadership and consulting experience in Information Technology, Systems and Network Security. Antietam has set high standards for business ethics, performance and quality of deliverables to support program missions and private company goals by applying Federal and industry-
specific expertise, Information Technology and process management to deliver budget-and time-sensitive solutions. The company provides services in the following areas: information assurance (IA) and system/network security, IT professional services, enterprise architecture and planning, incident response and forensic investigations, program and project management, system development and engineering, quality assurance (QA), independent verification and validation (audit), and application development and services security.

We have strong business partnerships across industry verticals to deliver security solutions that improve management decision, performance, identification and remediation of vulnerabilities as
well as meet industry and Federal IT requirements and guidelines including, but not limited to FISMA, DIACAP, HIPAA, NIST, FDCC and PCI.

Information Security and Assurance Management

Antietam’s Enterprise Risk Management Group aspires to work with clients to resolve current and emerging cyber security challenges in an increasingly dynamic, insecure world. Antietam has extensive years of experience in defining and formulating information security processes and procedures to help clients maintain a secure posture during and after the engagement. The company delivers creative solutions that help meet clients’ budgets and tight deadlines.

Security Engineering, Architecture and Operations Solutions

•  Identity Protection & Management
•  Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
•  Host Based System Security (HBSS)
•  Incident Response (IR)
•  Computer Forensics and e-Discovery
•  Data Breach Crisis Management
•  Penetration Testing
•  Backup, Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
•  Incident Detection & Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS)
•  SEIM Management
•  Log Management
•  Secure Wireless Implementation

Security Assessment, Remediation and Reporting Solutions

•  Security Test and Evaluation (ST&E)
•  Security Control Assessment (SCA)
•  Automated Audit Scans
•  Manual Audit Scans
•  Vulnerability Matrix
•  Risk Analysis
•  Vulnerability Management System
•  Vulnerability Analysis Management Reports
•  Continuous Diagnostic and Mitigation
•  Classified Decontamination

Security Information Assurance Compliance Solutions

•  FISMA Compliance
•  DIACAP Implementation Plan (DIP)
•  Plan Of Action & Milestone (POA&M)
•  Privacy/PII Compliance
•  IAVA Compliance

Program, Project and Process Management

Antietam’s Program, Project and Process Management Group offers dedicated seasoned and trained professionals that bring their real-world experiences to the client’s scenarios. The subject matter experts work with their clients, both offsite and onsite to deliver:

•  Rough Order of Magnitudes
•  Project Management Plans with milestones
•  Monitor and Cost Control
•  Kick-off meetings and regular meeting minutes
•  Soft Systems and AGILE methodologies
•  Requirement gathering, analysis and design, implementation and testing with the successful deployment of solution into production and COOP sites from development, test and staging environments
•  Project reporting, including monthly reports

All services are accomplished while keeping clients, the Contracting Officer, and any other stakeholders in the loop, in terms of both budget and time.

Management Consulting

Antietam advises its clientele on diverse issues ranging from information technology (IT), ethics, strategy, training, operations and organization. Our goal is to help our Federal, state and private
clients to streamline their processes and improve their performance to maximize profit, efficiency and adopt new ideas while eliminating latency and needless costs through the analysis of existing business challenges.

Our areas of expertise are:
•  Risk Management
•  Business Strategy
•  Secure System Design and Configuration
•  Security Education & Training
•  Organizational Analysis
•  Security and Network Operations

Antietam Staff

Antietam hires and trains the “best of breed” professionals who are subject matter experts, deploying successful solutions using latest technology products while maintaining secure infrastructure postures in our client environments. Moreover, our staff is encouraged to give back to the community and help other security professionals across the globe.

Antietam Clearances

Antietam management and staff hold the following clearances to serve our Federal clientele, in particular Department of Energy:


Antietam staff is open to and capable of acquiring other clearances, as required and requested by our customers.
Contacting Antietam

5257 Buckeystown Pike
Suite 191
Frederick, Maryland

Phone: 240.291.7109

Email: [email protected]

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