Cryptonite, LLC


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Cryptonite NXT provides three defensive capabilities to protect a network from attacks.


Net Guard

Cryptonite NXT proactively guards the network by effectively concealing its topology from attackers. Reconnaissance tools are unable to identify vulnerabilities and obtain critical information needed to plan an attack— keeping the network secure, and attackers guessing.


Micro Shield

Compromises are inevitable. That’s why Cryptonite NXT utilizes attack surface segmentation to contain malware and prevent it from spreading to other critical network services—even before it’s detected. So, the network can be shielded from unnecessary exposure—whether from cyber criminals, insider threats, or just plain human error.


Auto Defend

An attack can be executed in just moments, and remain undetected for months. Cryptonite NXT is “always on” to defend the network proactively— even before detection—preventing reconnaissance, safeguarding critical data, defending against zero day exploits, and protecting network services from the reach of malicious actors, all without even knowing it.

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