Syncopated Engineering

Compatible Company Sizes

11-50 employees


Data Analytics, Fog Analytics, Iot Analytics, IoT Wireless Security, Wireless Communications, Wireless Situational Awareness

Syncopated Engineering is a creative solution provider of software and embedded systems for wireless communications, signal processing and data analytics.  Our CIELO family of Software Defined Radio (SDR) products provides wireless cyber security and communication engineers a flexible wireless sensor that supports a wide variety of wireless standards covering the full Internet-of-Things (IoT) space.   Our ALEGRE Fog Computing solutions provide hardware acceleration of analytics at the edge of the network, enabling our customers to get answers as the data is collected not hours later after it is transported to the cloud.

Our goal is to deliver creative and effective solutions to our customers’ most challenging problems. We employ an agile and disciplined development process that emphasizes customer communication, system usefulness and usability, and the flexibility to accommodate change at the pace of our customer\’s dynamic mission.

Our wireless communications capabilities include the development of algorithms, hardware and software systems and components, for the entire wireless communications protocol stack from the physical layer through software applications.

Our data analytics and visualization capabilities include algorithm development for statistical learning, pattern recognition, classification and clustering, data mining, graph models and anomaly detection. Our software development capabilities include static and streaming analytics, map/reduce analytics, parallel processing, accelerated search, and cloud computing applications across enterprise, mobile and sensor clouds.

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