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Equifax Breach

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Washington, D.C., Sept. 8, 2017 – Equifax announced a major data breach yesterday affecting some 143 million Americans’ personal information. According to the company, the data breach left Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers and other sensitive information at risk sometime between mid-May and July of this summer.

“Major breaches like this one remind us that it is critical for internet users to remain continually diligent about practicing good cybersecurity habits,” said Michael Kaiser, executive director of the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA). “As our connected world grows and vast amounts of information is collected and stored, the scale of data breaches is likely to grow. Businesses and organizations that accumulate data must operate with a deep understanding of the value of that data to cybercriminals and the other risks to their customers, employees and networks. It is essential they employ a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity and be prepared to respond if a breach occurs.”

Fortunately, Equifax is reporting no evidence of unauthorized access to core consumer or commercial credit reporting databases at this time. Nevertheless, NCSA urges all Equifax users to take action now to secure their accounts. Equifax is offering complimentary identity theft protection and credit file monitoring. Information can be found at

Read the full statement, including tips for protecting accounts, here.


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