Point3 Security Launches their Gamified Cyber Security Training Program: Escalate™

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Point3 Security Inc. has collaborated with Cybrary to provide Escalate™, a gamified, challenge- based, online learning, cyber security training program for purchase to over 1.4 million users through the Cybrary platform. Users can now choose to subscribe for 3 months or a year. Try the free demo today.

What is Escalate™?

“Escalate is an immersive online ecosystem that up-skills users in a variety of advanced topics. The Point3 assessment platform was built by master craftsmen, leaders in cyber operations and development, who have honed their craft on live operations. For less than the cost of a bootcamp, Escalate offers 24/7, hands-on keyboard, capture-the-flag tasks.”

Try the free demo here and start your cyber security training. Questions? Contact Point3 directly: (443) 422.2324 / [email protected]


Escalate: A new gamified cyber security training program by Point3 Security

“Escalate members continue to be identified as the gold-standard of the cybersecurity and defense industry by government agency recruiters and commercial sector head-hunters,” says Evan Dornbush,CEO and Co-Founder of Point3 Security. “Cybrary is the ideal partner for Point3. They have built a rapidly growing user base on years of trust and content curation. By working with Cybrary and their user base, Point3 can continue to focus on delivering the most meaningful, relevant, and enjoyable content to those members.”

“The Point3 Cybrary partnership is in response to the need to effectively bridge the gap in cybersecurity learning by making, skill enhancement tools available to more people, quickly. Both companies share a common goal of providing the opportunity to prepare for a cyber career in a format that not only meets the needs of the individual, but also aligns with industry standards. Escalate is the latest in a handful of app vendors to provide access to an enhanced learning experience via the Cybrary platform.”

“We are excited to team up with Point3 to deliver yet another incredible learning enhancement tool to our members through the growing Cybrary catalog,” says Ryan Corey, CEO and Co-Founder of Cybrary. “Escalate will serve as a marquee product for those looking for a truly immersive experience.”

Key Benefits

  • More affordable than a cybersecurity degree or bootcamp
    • College degrees and bootcamps are too expensive. Escalate is subscription based and affordable.
  • High rate of knowledge retention
    • Current training is often lecture heavy and test driven “too many certifications, not enough knowledge.”.
  • 24/7 access to online training
    • Escalate is readily available when YOU are prepared to learn.
  • Learn at your own pace
    • No deadlines, time limits, or class schedules.
  • Access to private instruction
    • Mentorship is available through the ecosystem’s private instruction feature.
  • Hint system
    • A hint system is available to help if you get stuck.
  • Choose your own adventure
    • The ecosystem provides Jeopardy style CTF challenges without designated paths.
  • Flips the traditional education model
    • The challenge based model focuses less on information, more on operation.
  • Ever evolving ecosystem
    • Content is constantly added. User-generated content is also welcome.
  • Education in relevant/real-world topics


  • Jeopardy style CTF challenges
  • Leaderboard
  • 24/7 online access
  • Hint System
  • Individual instruction access
  • Chat guidance
  • Self-paced learning
  • Team building
  • Use existing tools or bring your own
  • User vs. User
  • User vs. Machine
  • All vs. All
  • Badging System
  • Exclusive welcome kit

About Escalate™

Escalate™ introduces hands-on-keyboard challenges, which mentor, train and teach members master tradecraft to malware reverse engineering, network security, disk and memory forensics, vulnerability research, offensive/defensive ops, and software development.  Try the free demo here. Questions? Contact Point3 directly: (443) 422.2324 / [email protected]

About Point3 Security, Inc.

Since its inception in 2014, Point3 Security, Inc. has continued to disrupt the cyber security training and defense education industry by dismantling the traditional classroom model, and developing a gamified, proven, challenge-based ecosystem. We are hackers. We create solvers. We develop leaders. Visit http://www.ittakesahuman.com to learn more.

About Cybrary, Inc.

Cybrary is an open-source cyber security and IT learning and certification preparation platform. Its ecosystem of people, companies, content, and technologies converge to create an ever-growing catalog of online courses and experiential tools that provide IT and cyber security learning opportunities to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Visit http://www.cybrary.it to learn more.

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