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Parkville High School

The demand for people trained in the field of cybersecurity is growing 12 times faster than the overall job market.

It is presenting a real problem for Maryland and the rest of nation.

Parkville is one of the largest high schools in Baltimore County. It said it is doing its part to attract more students to its popular cybersecurity program.

“There are limited seats in the program because it is so specialized, and we bring students from around the county looking for that experience,” said Maureen Astarita, principal of Parkville High School.

Students get to learn classroom skills, which could eventually help them learn how to head off real-life cyber threats.

“I saw that cybersecurity was an emerging career field that really needed a lot more people, and was something where I could apply my skills to help benefit, not just the nation, but the world,” said Parkville student Drew Perkoski.

More Maryland school districts are finding ways to give students an early start. The State Department of Education helped develop cybersecurity and information technology courses, designed to reach more than 8,500 students.

“There are cyber threats, and we need students who can recognize those threats, read ahead, and understand all of the logistics associated with the potential for cyber threats,” said Dr. Lynne Gilli, assistant state superintendent of the College and Career Readiness program.

Parkville said student learning goes beyond the computer screen.

“I have several guest speakers from NSA, and different parents that work in the cyber field, and they come in and the kids are so motivated, and they ask questions,” said Parkville teacher Nick Coppolino.

They are questions that will hopefully help put students on a path to continue their studies once they head to college.


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