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Students learn to fill the cybersecurity void at Parkville High School

The demand for people trained in the field of cybersecurity is growing 12 times faster than the overall job market. It is presenting a real problem for Maryland and the rest of nation. Parkville is one of the largest high schools in Baltimore County. It said it is doing its part to attract more students […]

Listings Available in the 3rd Annual “Maryland Cybersecurity Buyer’s Guide.” 

Reserve your ad and/or directory listing space today for the 3rd Annual “Maryland Cybersecurity Buyer’s Guide.” 

Q&A with Mike Cohn, CEO of Summit Business Technologies

Original article posted here. Most entrepreneurs cannot sit by when they see a problem in need of a solution, and Mike Cohn is that kind of entrepreneur. As CEO of Summit Business Technologies in Millersville, he and his team have managed IT services and security for thousands of clients over the years, to help them adapt new technologies and […]

The Definitive Guide to Data Security Best Practices

Most businesses understand they should use data security best practices, but few understand where to begin. We’ve written this definitive guide to data security best practices through which you’ll learn what your business needs to do to prevent breaches, encrypt sensitive data, prepare for attacks, and more. It will also give you a strong starting […]

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