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Press Release: Chicago Ranked Safest City in U.S. for Digital Security

Contact: Ryan Sanfilippo . Brand Communications Mgr. | Point3 Security, Inc. | Baltimore, Maryland email: [email protected] | phone: (410) 336-7878 | web: https://www.ittakesahuman.com FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 24, 2017 Chicago’s rise as most cyber-secure city in the United States credited to Baltimore tech startup Point3 Security, Inc ., DoD . by The Economist Intelligence Unit […]

Former Baltimore cyber exec brings another company to Maryland

Article written by Morgan Eichensehr A veteran cybersecurity executive has moved his Northern Virginia company to Columbia to be closer to Maryland’s flourishing cyber industry and resources as it continues to grow. Gregg Smith was CEO of cybersecurity startup OptioLabs Inc., housed in the B&O Warehouse at Camden Yards, for two years. In January, OptioLabs announced it was promoting […]

Perimeter Defense: the Reverse Proxy [LINK]

The Buy MD Cyber program includes member companies who bring expertise and insight on a broad range of cybersecurity topics. Today we are thrilled to share Perimeter Defense: the Reverse Proxy, an article written by none other than the CEO of South River Technologies himself,

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