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Listings Available in the 3rd Annual “Maryland Cybersecurity Buyer’s Guide.” 

Reserve your ad and/or directory listing space today for the 3rd Annual “Maryland Cybersecurity Buyer’s Guide.” 

Press Release: Chicago Ranked Safest City in U.S. for Digital Security

Contact: Ryan Sanfilippo . Brand Communications Mgr. | Point3 Security, Inc. | Baltimore, Maryland email: [email protected] | phone: (410) 336-7878 | web: https://www.ittakesahuman.com FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 24, 2017 Chicago’s rise as most cyber-secure city in the United States credited to Baltimore tech startup Point3 Security, Inc ., DoD . by The Economist Intelligence Unit […]

Q&A with Mike Cohn, CEO of Summit Business Technologies

Original article posted here. Most entrepreneurs cannot sit by when they see a problem in need of a solution, and Mike Cohn is that kind of entrepreneur. As CEO of Summit Business Technologies in Millersville, he and his team have managed IT services and security for thousands of clients over the years, to help them adapt new technologies and […]

Inky Phish Fence Chrome Extension

Protect yourself against phishing and email-based attacks with Inky Phish Fence. It acts like a cybersecurity expert standing guard, inspecting your email. When you read an email, a side panel will instantly display Inky’s analysis of the message. Prominent warnings alert you to suspicious email, with specific details about what is misleading, dangerous, or potentially […]

5 Simple Ways Your Whole Company Can Identify a Phishing Attack

Since phishing attacks target employees of all levels, it’s essential that every employee in an organization understands how to identify a phishing attack. Fortunately, learning how to spot phishing scams can begin with a few simple steps. In previous posts, we’ve covered why phishing emails have become more prevalent and why attacks like spear phishing […]

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