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Maryland to launch ‘NSA Day of Cyber’ school challenge

Maryland students will soon get the chance to live a day in the life of a National Security Agency leader. Schools will be able to participate in the Maryland “NSA Day of Cyber” School Challenge, a free virtual platform that allows students to explore careers in cybersecurity, state superintendent Karen Salmon announced Monday. The challenge […]

Listings Available in the 3rd Annual “Maryland Cybersecurity Buyer’s Guide.” 

Reserve your ad and/or directory listing space today for the 3rd Annual “Maryland Cybersecurity Buyer’s Guide.” 

Q&A with Mike Cohn, CEO of Summit Business Technologies

Original article posted here. Most entrepreneurs cannot sit by when they see a problem in need of a solution, and Mike Cohn is that kind of entrepreneur. As CEO of Summit Business Technologies in Millersville, he and his team have managed IT services and security for thousands of clients over the years, to help them adapt new technologies and […]

CAMI Member, e-End, is Only One of Seven Companies Worldwide to Certify Hard Drive Degaussing

  To be in compliance with numerous federal regulations related to protecting Personally Identifiable Information, and classified information, data must be removed beyond any means of forensic reconstruction. The National Association for Information Destruction, NAID, certifies entities who meet the specific requirements and high standards for the degaussing of hard drives.   Only seven companies […]

Inky Phish Fence Chrome Extension

Protect yourself against phishing and email-based attacks with Inky Phish Fence. It acts like a cybersecurity expert standing guard, inspecting your email. When you read an email, a side panel will instantly display Inky’s analysis of the message. Prominent warnings alert you to suspicious email, with specific details about what is misleading, dangerous, or potentially […]

National Cyber Security Alliance Responds to Equifax Breach

Original article posted on StaySafeOnline.org, powered by the National Cyber Security Alliance Washington, D.C., Sept. 8, 2017 – Equifax announced a major data breach yesterday affecting some 143 million Americans’ personal information. According to the company, the data breach left Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers and other sensitive information at risk sometime between mid-May and July of this summer. […]

Securing Mobile Apps: Protecting Sensitive Financial Data

As the percentage of users on mobile devices grows, financial institutions are turning more and more to app developers to stay relevant in their customers’ minds. Though mobile applications deliver great convenience, improved branding, and other benefits to both the user and financial institutions, they can also pose a significant security threat. Securing mobile applications […]

The Top 10 Cybersecurity Threats for Financial Institutions

Since financial data is one of the most appealing targets for hackers, institutions dealing primarily in finance need to remain extra vigilant about cybersecurity. In fact, security experts cite cyber threats as one of the top risks to financial markets. To help your organization plan for the coming year, here are 2016’s top 10 cybersecurity […]

How to Prevent Data Breaches in Healthcare Organizations

While data breaches from companies such as Anthem and BlueCross BlueShield have received plenty of national news coverage, there have been many smaller healthcare organizations that have unknowingly been hacked. In particular, small physician practices are easy targets, and are especially vulnerable to attacks and data breaches. Implementing an effective cybersecurity program can not only […]

What’s the Average Cost of a Data Breach?: How to Cost-Effectively Manage Your Cyber Risk

It’s been another bad month for data breaches. In highest-profile breach, Experian famously had 15 million records stolen. 7 Trump Hotels fell victim to hackers. 80,000 California college students are suspected to be at risk for stolen data. And 4.6 million Scottrade customers were affected in a cyber-attack. That’s a lot of stolen records, and […]

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